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On this page we present you the art and culture scene of the Cottonera.


‘Artists in the Cottonera - who are the ones to watch’

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The Sin-Sational Siren of the Mediterannean

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When in Malta, Undine lives in the little but beautiful, historic city of Isla, also known as Senglea in The Three Cities region of the Maltese Islands. This area is known as Cottonera. Undine moved to Senglea in the early 2010s and fell in love with the quiet city - it’s streets, the waterfront, the Gardjola garden, the views of the harbour and her family home. Undine LaVerve’s tagline is the “Sin-Sational Siren of the Mediterannean”. Little did she know that there is a myth of the Maltese Sirens, the male versions of whom can be seen on the Triton fountain in Valletta. The legend states that one of these Sirens was washed up on the island of Senglea, singing a mournful song and that is why we have the Siren’s Cave in Senglea… It may be ironic, or fate if you believe in such a thing...but it definitely makes Isla an even more special place to Undine. She knows that she may travel far and for a while but she will always come back home to the Three Cities.

Undine LaVerve

is Malta’s very own pioneer International Burlesque performer.
With almost over a decade of performance experience, Undine started performing Burlesque Internationally in 2012 and since she has travelled far and wide with her acts representing Malta on stages across Europe and beyond, but also, she is a pioneer - after learning from her Canadian mentor Pyra Teknix, she has started the Burlesque movement in Malta where there was none before.
Having travelled around from New York to Paris to Moscow, and gained experience, it was time to bring Burlesque home, to Malta. Undine LaVerve first started organizing Burlesque and Variety shows in Malta in January 2015 combining International Burlesque talent from all over the world as guest stars and the best of Maltese variety - comedians, singers, dancers, magicians and live music! In 2016 the first edition of MalTease was produced, Undine’s annual theater show which is a showcase of the variety and beauty of the art of Burlesque.

Apart from Burlesque Undine dabbles in many other activities! Acting, with Steve Hili’s Adult Panto being her annual naughty pleasure; event producing - watch out for her events; fashion attending Malta Fashion week every year attempting to make a unique fashion statement showcasing a mix of Burlesque and alternative fashion; singing - her song “Silicone Soul” in collaboration with DJ Mykill hit number 1 on the Maltese charts in 2019 and was nominated for “Best Dance Track” at Lovin Music Awards; teaching Burlesque at BAM - Burlesque Academy of Malta teaching the future Burlesque generation of Maltese showgirls and choreographing with BAM dancers - her performing students; and making costumes - Undine makes and decorates a lot of her own and her dancers costumes with the help of her mother at her home in Isla, Malta.


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Ove Nordström


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Anna Radaschutz

Undine is also teaching Burlesque at BAM - Burlesque Academy of Malta where she is teaching Advanced and Beginner classes of show boys and girls who want to feel confident and have fun, and some even go on to Perform alongside Undine in her shows.


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