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Transport options, changes and updates 


Ferry Schedule Cottonera - Valletta - Sliema

Please be advised that as from the 1st of October The Valletta Ferry Service will be operating its Winter programme. There will be no night service from the 1st of October on both routes. The last trip from Valletta will be at 19.15hrs on the Three Cities route, and at 19.30hrs on the Sliema Valletta route.


New eCab service launched

The new service, which also has the eCabs customary pre-booking service option, primarily aims at offering deliveries with reasonable and realistic rates including fixed prices on a zone by zone basis and operated through a specially developed eCabs platform created purposely for merchants.

Purchasers will be contacted one minute before the delivery is going to be completed with the delivery being dropped at the doorstep, in line with the principle of social distancing. 

The system benefits from the newly launched eCabs standard, centrally-controlled operating procedure of consistent vehicle sanitisation, utilising hospital grade viral disinfectant to ensure peace of mind. The company is also operating within the strict guidelines being issued by the health authorities. Interested merchants may contact eCabs on 2138 3838 

Transport to the testing center


Transport to Malta International Airport:

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Ferry Schedule for Gozo

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