We are a formal community group of  foreign residents and Maltese residents

residing within the Cottonera aimed at supporting the full integration of

foreign English speaking expats into the Cottonera community,

Maltese culture and general way of life.


The Cottonera.info website

aimed at increasing the amount of information available in English to the expat community

to help them orientate, settle in and become familiar with all that the Cottonera has to offer,

and how to get involved and / or have a voice within the community. 

We offer various services:

• we provide support for foreign residents who are experiencing difficulty involving themselves in the immediate Maltese community. This will comprise details of local activities and events, as well as announcements from the local council or central government

• we provide maltese language courses aimed at overcoming language barriers

• we encourage foreign residents to take part in cultural activities

• we provide a platform for advertising to the wider community their own activities

• we build a network of contacts among the Maltese and foreign residents of the Cottonera

• we facilitate and support the integration process for migrants who have just settled in the Cottonera

• we collaborate with the local councils of Bormla, Isla and Kalkara and organize monthly meetings in English with the Local Councils in Cottonera

• we give registered users access to discount offers 

• we reward active website users with special offers and free offers

active website users are people who have registered on our website with their

names and email addresses and who support our voluntary work.

Support can be very different, such as attending meetings, working on projects,

bringing in suggestions for improvement and ideas, donations,

opportunities for cooperation, win-win situations, etc.

Member points are rewarded for every activity that supports our work.

With the member points you get access to special offers and free offers.

To collect member points you need to SIGN UP as member (its free)

As member you get access to more subpages

You get 10 member points for your first LOG IN