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I was brought up in Bormla in Good Day street which was later re named to Matty Grima street after a well known person who lived there and before that we had lived in Saint Lazzarus street. I remember with nostalgia growing up in Bormla as the people were so friendly and I always felt that neighbours were like an extended part of my family. I  attended the primary school there and remember how dedicated the teachers were. One such teacher who taught us art, had decided one time when I was around eleven years old to enter a drawing I had made in a children's exhibition at the Malta Society of art. I returned to the Society of art at the mature age of fifty, when I had just decided to start a journey of self discovery and one thing that I discovered was this great passion for art, that had been instilled in me in that class in Bormla many years before. I often take part in collective art exhibitions and I have presented a solo exhibition of my artworks in April 2019. My favourite subject is portraiture and I love painting in acrylics and oil paint. 


The Vibrant

Cultural Scene

in Cottonera

On this page we present you the art and culture scene of the Cottonera.


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