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Isaac Tom is a thirteen-year-old (born May 19th 2006) singer from Kalkara.

For the past few years, he has been studying the voice and music, which has become his passion. He has represented Malta in international contests abroad, and was also one of the finalists in the Malta Junior Eurovision 2018. Isaac Tom, had always enjoyed writing bits of lyrics as a young child, but he never expected that someday he would write a song and release it. In 2019, Isaac Tom wrote ‘fallen’, written and composed by himself. After long weeks of work, he finally released it on November 29th 2019. He is currently working hard on new material, that he is going to release soon.

Isaac attended Kalkara Primary School, where he had his first choir experience during concerts. Every day before school he used to go to his grandparents’ house which is right opposite the school and play his aunt's piano, this is where his love for the piano started. Seeing this, his parents started taking him to lessons at the age of 7. Together with his family, he lives in a townhouse in the heart of Kalkara. In Kalkara he contributes with his singing during the Festa and other occasions such as Kalkara Day and Christmas. Isaac Tom loves Kalkara. Since he was very young he used to love going to the strand with his grandparents and to this the day, he still enjoys a stroll by the sea or to just sit down on one of the wooden benches and have a chat with his friends.

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