The Malta Fireworks Festival has become an annual tradition in Malta, attracting thousands to view the amazing display of craftsmanship and creativity in the night sky.

The 19th edition of the Malta International Fireworks Festival was scheduled between the 18th and 30th April 2020.

Because of the current situation the festival is postponed!

Each night promises to be a beautiful display of colour and coordination, and the closing night is bound to be a true spectacle.

(detailed schedule will be published later on this page)










The festival will host a Pyromusical competition and fireworks are designed to match the rhythm of a musical number! Awards are then distributed to the most impressive displays.


Last year, Rozzi Fireworks from the USA took home the gold, followed by St. Mary's Fireworks Factory from Għaxaq, Malta, Phoenix Fireworks from the UK and Martarello SRL, from Italy. 










As in previous years there will be a photo competition and the winners with the best photo of the respective fireworks locations will be announced in summer 2020

Last year's winner of the photo competition is a photographer from Cottonera.

And this is the winning photo:
























More photos from this award winning photographer can be found on his instagram profile @ingmarov

Behind the scenes

Fireworks in Malta is an old tradition that dates back to the time of the Order of the Knights of St John. The Order celebrated the most important feasts by special pyrotechnic displays. Later fireworks were used for special occasions, such as the election of a Grand Master or a Pope, as well as on the birth of a prince. Nowadays such a tradition is very popular and there are lots of occasions to spectate. During the summer fireworks can be found across the country every weekend as a part of the traditional celebrations of patron saints at village festas.

Each year, both locals and foreigners alike eagerly await these firework spectacles which are loved by many, and some may not realise all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. The tradition of fireworks manufacturing in Malta goes back for centuries, with the knowledge being handed down from one generation to the next through hands-on learning. Today fireworks manufacturers are required to attend an official course and pass a written exam before obtaining the necessary licence to mix the chemicals. There are a lot of rules regarding their work. One of them is that Fireworks factories have to maintain a 183m buffer zone from the nearest roads.

You can find 35 fireworks factories on the Maltese Islands with around 1,900 licensees and a further 700 about to obtain their license. Only some people earn an income with this job, most of the helpers are volunteers who join the firework factory after their normal job at 4pm staying there sometimes until midnight to get everything prepared.

The factories have to raise their own funds to manufacture fireworks, partly through the generous support of the villagers, but mostly through selling fireworks to other towns. A typical display for a village has costs of around €50,000.

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