111 Maltese Artists

provide their drawings for kids & adults 

who can give them the final touch

The times have changed. Most of us have to stay at home, children are in the house all day, many of us have switched to home office and have to entertain the children in addition to the housework ... all these new situations are challenging and many of us are looking for new fields of activity that can be done indoors.

Due to this new situation we created the COLOR UP MALTA project. We asked Maltese artists to draw a colouring page and collected all of their colouring pages for free download on our website. 

Something for anybody to colour in - whether with crayons or with coloured paper as a collage,

just be creative!

We want to give a bit of hope, a bit of fun, a bit of relaxed colouring time to you and we hope that our project will remind everyone how beautiful Malta is and how many colors it has to offer!

Please read the conditions for the use of the templates  here . When you post your results on any social media network then you need to add a link to this project page! 

for inspiration

Stephanie Borg

Isabel Warrington

Marika Camillieri

Ray Grillo

James Vella Clark

Zack Ritchie

Steve Bonello


Clemens Hasengschwandtner

Rune Bo Jakobsen

Tom Frank

Antje Liemann

Henrietta Mallia

Audrey Buttigieg Cardona

Peter Seychell

Marisa Attard

Carmel Bonello

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Maria Briffa Bell

Selina Scerri

Alessandro Valenti (Alvalenti)

Clayton Micallef

G Luigi Rossi

Pauleen Micallef

Pierre Mercieca

Dolph Lee Lombardi

Shawn Carl Agius

Gordon Borg


Audrey Vella

Caitlin Grech

Anthony Vella

Ramon Azzopardi Fiott

Rita Debono

Damian Ebejer

Carmen Vella Gauchi

Joseph Casapinta

Nicole Mallia

Isabelle Farrugia

Josef Borg

Daniela Attard

Scott Schembri

Gabriel Rosario Zammit

Clinton Pisani

Marietta Mifsud

Luca Cauchi

Simone Stilon Tabone

Anton Abela

Bob Cardona

Tony Bugeja


Ray Piscopo

Eric Leone

Emma Fsadni

Alison Cini

Della Camillieri

Patrick Caruana

Mario Borg

Twanny Darmanin

Ray Aquilina

Mark Muscat

Michelle Gialanze