Birgu by Candlelight 2020

All the streets and houses in Birgu will be lit up with candles, chandeliers will hang in the streets and music ruminates throughout the winding pathways. 


What started off as a few small events has now developed into a larger programme spanning over a whole weekend. Visitors can now enjoy different experiences such as, historical reenactments and dinner by candlelight in the beautiful town square.

Most of the museums and historical buildings in the area open at a discounted price. 

Birgufest (Birgu by Candlelight) 2020

has been canceled because of Covid-19

We remember the cancellation of the Birgufest 2018 due to bad weather conditions. Despite the cancellation in 2018, many Birgu residents had decorated their houses and streets with candles. In the event that you want to visit Birgu on October 10th or 11th to see whether candles have been set up in the houses despite the cancellation, please observe the Covid-19 rules, keep your distance and wear a mask.


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