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This website was created to help everyone in our community. Now its time to help our local businesses!

We want to support all companies in our region that are suffering from an immediate economic crisis due to Covid-19. We are therefore giving away 100 advertising spaces / banners on this page each worth 100 €.

In addition, we are giving away 100 graphic layouts worth € 50 each.

What services do we provide for you?

1) Free Website advertising until December 31, 2020
2) Free Promotion of a photo of your company, service, product, etc. (including editing)
3) Free Promotion of your logo and company name
4) Free Weblink to your own company website or Facebook page.
5) Optional your slogan, your special offer or your business phone number
6) A Free Facebook boost with a personalized advertising post
7) Each banner will remain on our website until the end of the current year

(up to 5 months - depending on how quickly you provide your information).
8) You can easily upload all the necessary information yourself,

we will create a suitable advertisement for you
9) Even after publication, your advertising entry can be changed by yourself at any time

or completely replaced (use the upload page)
10) We check all information for accuracy to prevent misuse

so that consumers do not receive false information




Who can participate?

This campaign can be used by all companies / individuals / service providers whose outlets/services are located near the Grand Harbor (Kalkara, Birgu, Cospicua, Senglea, Marsa, Floriana and Valletta). Museums, cultural organizations or organizers, NGOs and tourist offers in the cities mentioned above are also eligible.
The offer also applies to companies / services that are currently not in operation but will be reopened in the coming weeks.
Accommodation, hotels, BnBs, guest houses and online companies / online services cannot participate (except for shops, restaurants or similar within a hotel). We'll start another support campaign for the accommodation business later this year.

Supporting our local businesses at this time is really important. With our campaign we want to inspire other companies to show solidarity. If you have a company that is currently operating, think about how your company can help others who are facing difficulties today.

General terms and conditions:

This offer is only valid for banner advertising on and is not transferable to sponsored content or other campaigns. This offer will not be reimbursed for other offers or campaigns that were previously contracted. reserves the right to set admission criteria.

The customer must provide the photo, logo and text. Offer subject to availability.

To benefit from this promotion, upload your information via the upload page (login / sign up required)

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